"There are things that the horse has done for me that a human could'nt have done" -Buck Brannaman

Through a variety of equine-assisted activities we are able to enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral, and educational skills for people with disabilities or emotional disorders.  Therapeutic riding not only focuses on riding skills but also on the development of a relationship between the horse and the rider.

While most traditional therapeutic techniques reach a plateau where the client may lose motivation, the pleasure and excitement of horseback riding often encourage clients to work through their discomfort and continue to fully apply themselves to the therapeutic activities. 

With your help, we are able to help children and adults with emotional and behavioral issues, PTSD, hearing impairments, low self-esteem, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, children in foster care, individuals on the spectrum, cognitive and physical disabilities and many more! Learn more below! 

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Equine therpay has a ton of benefits. A few of these areas of improvement include postural control, faster reflexes, decreased spasticity, stretching of tight or spastic muscles, increased endurance, low-level cardiovascular conditioning, spatial-visual perception, fine motor skills, sensory integration, self-discipline, interpersonal skills, non-verbal communication, problem solving, taking responsibility for one’s actions, learning to use teamwork, developing healthy relationships, developing trust, taking control, and reducing stress.

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