Meet our friends here at the barn! 


Meet Toasted Marshmallow! He is a 6-year-old quarter horse. Toast came from an auction and was headed for the kill pen. When HHH rescued him, his hooves looked like dinner plates they were so large, he was nothing but skin and bones and he had a nasty upper respiratory infection. He was terrified of everyone and was sure you were out to harm him. As we were able to start to build trust with him and rub his head we were able to feel a large lump of bone, most likely from being smacked with a 2x4 across the face.  


Toast wanted desperately to trust and would look on as the other horses would receive love, but he wasn’t quite ready to make that leap. We went slow with him as we saw that too much pressure made him feel like he had to “fight” rather than his “flight” response kick in. Unfortunately, this usually means that their abuse was extreme, as a horse will want to flee rather than fight if they can.


He would snort constantly at everything, he was so nervous of the world and although HHH would love to take the credit for his healing, there was one special little boy that gained his trust first. Danny is 5 and has Alpha-Thalassemia/Mental Retardation Syndrome or ATRX. He would go up to Toasts stall door every week and shake it violently with glee! Instead of Toast keeping his head in the corner of the back of his stall, he would reach over and nuzzle Danny.  Although he has been through so much and was scared of his own shadow, this loud little boy was able to exude so much love, that Toast was able to look past the jumping up and down and the loud noise of the door and see a child that was giving unconditional love.  For months, the two of them were separated between fences and we surprised them both in the Spring of 2019 with their first lesson together. Not a dry eye was in the room, as two best friends were able to share love with no barriers.


Toast has become an amazing horse with a gentle spirit. He will walk ever so slowly with our little ones and have a fast upbeat walk for our more experienced riders. We cannot wait to see the future holds for him at his forever home here at HHH.


Mojo and Dynamite came as a pair. We thought they were just needing a good home as their previous owners were moving out of state. When we went to pick them up, they looked nothing like their picture. We were told Mojo was 6 years old the vet said he is 11.  Mojo was underweight and walked in a very awkward way as his feet were so compacted it looked like he was standing on softballs. His toes were so overgrown that they curled up with a point, looking like elf shoes. Mojo was terrified of even his own shadow. He stayed far away from us and we allowed him to get to know us on his terms. He began to see that not only was he at a safe space, but there was also lots of love to be given.  He now is one of the first to greet you in the pasture and if you don’t take notice of him quickly enough, he is sure to shout to you!


Dynamite is a miniature mule, meaning his mother was a pony and his father was a donkey. When we got Dynamite he was underweight and his hooves were overgrown. Both he and his brother Mojo had halters that were too small for their heads.  When we took off his halter we were able to feel that at some point a halter was so small that it actually grew into his skin and left humps of sensitive scar tissue behind his ears. We were told that he was 7 years old, yet the vet has said he is 21. Dynamite has turned out to be such a sweet-natured boy. He LOVES children and is loving going through his training.

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