Up and Coming  Programs 

Reading and Song Program 

Come enjoy a story with your little one and allow them meet a pony while they are there. We first read a story, then bring out toys that the kids can dance with. During that time they can go up and dance with or pet the pony. We  end with a few well known songs that the children can sing and dance along to. The class is 50 minutes long, and geared towards ages 0-6 years old. We also travel to schools! Contact us for more information. 

Mommy and Me Program 

Want to learn more about horses? How to care for them? How to be safe around equine animals? If the answer is yes, then our Mommy and Me class will be perfect for you. This "Pony Club" style class will last 50 minutes, and will involve no ride time. Contact us for more information.  

Community Outreach Programs 

We will be PATH certified this Summer and will begin volunteering our time this fall. 

  • VFWs

  • Hospitals

  • Events for Foster care Children

  • Events for underprivileged children

  • Anything for veterans and their families

If you would like more information or want to see if we will volunteer for something not listed above please contact us. 

Inmate Program 

We are working on starting a program with local prisons and juvenile detention centers fall of 2018 after we have received our PATH Certification. We plan to go in with our Pony and educate inmates on how to care for and train horses. Our eventual go is to start a parolee program for the inmates that complete our program. We want them to have an opportunity for paid work when that are released, as well as, a reference when they are ready to move on. Our inmate and Parolee program will be available to non-violent, non-sexual offenders.  We believe that everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you need a second chance and someone willing to teach you skills, so that you can provide for yourself and family. 

Hands, Hooves, and Hope Ranch 

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