Don't just take it from us. Learn what parents, riders, and volunteers have thought of our unique program. 

"I have not personally met these people, but they brought a pony to my grandma's retirement center and it was the highlight of her life. She called everyone to tell them, and hasn’t stopped talking about the pony since! She even has the flyer on her bulletin board to show off to her visitors. I absolutely love that they did this! My grandma really needed a pick me up." 

“Horse therapy has given my son self-confidence with an emotional peace. Every time he brushes Capone he relaxes so much and has such a peace about him that he makes the horse fall asleep. My son suffers from PTSD and social anxiety. Being at the ranch allows him a safe place to be himself and open up to the horses. I've definitely noticed that since he started horse therapy he's now able to communicate with people and has recently been able to make eye contact as well. These are huge steps for him! Before horse therapy, he was unable to make eye contact even with extended family. Hands, Hooves, and Hope Ranch has been such a blessing and he's making such progress. Thank you!”

"The serenity and joy at the ranch are amazing. Christine works miracles for my family!"


“Fay has gained better muscle control/coordination and when she goes to HHH, there’s a huge mood shift. She also lets her walls down and is more kind to everyone.”

"Hands, Hooves, and Hope Ranch is a wonderful organization that works with your child on their own ability level..such a dedicated team." 

"My daughter can’t wait to go back for her weekly lessons."

“Horse therapy has given my daughter a place where she feels safe, loved and needed. She loves caring for the horses and takes her “job” seriously. Riding Toast has given her the safe, real-life experience she needs to use and practice the mindfulness exercises that help her control her PTSD and anxiety attacks. Without horse therapy, she was faced with having to use her mindfulness exercises only during real PTSD and anxiety attacks. Here at Hands, Hooves and Hope Ranch she is able to learn how to bring her anxiety levels down in a safe environment, and laugh, love, and leave happy. For the first time in months, she’s been able to smile because of Christine, Toast, and Capone."


​“Since Alexa has started lessons at HHH her balance is better, she is calmer and more regulated on the day of her lessons. Her anxiety is lower and she has been able to bond with new people, which normally is a struggle. Since day one she has loved Ms. Christine!”

"As a volunteer, I am impressed with the improvements seen in as little as one lesson. It has also inspiring to see the joy on these children, some who don’t get the pure joy experience often!"

"Our son just had his first session of therapeutic horseback riding. Miss Christine was wonderful with him! He helped with every step of getting the horse ready to ride to putting away the saddle when the lesson was over. I would definitely recommend Hands, Hooves and Hope Ranch!!!"


"My daughter Violet had her first lesson the other day and I could not be more pleased! Everyone was so kind and patient! We can not wait for her next lesson! What a wonderful organization this is!"  

Hands, Hooves, and Hope Ranch 

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